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Interior Designer, Photo Stylist, Stager - all of these titles suggest making your home beautiful, functional, and more appealing. That is the goal after all. That's why people hire designers. We think there is a bigger impact from design that is often overlooked. And that is how it changes the person, not just the space. Our effort is to make your life more meaningful, help you see your surroundings in a way that may empower you, inspire you, give you newfound confidence. It's about building you up so you can be the best person in whatever you do. So although we call ourselves Interior designers, photo stylists, and stagers, we are really just people trying to help other people live better. Be more productive. Be more present. Just be a better human being. Let's make that happen. Contact us.


Interior Styling

It starts with a meeting, face to face. You have a story. Your house has something to say too. This is where stuff begins to happen. You will be surprised, enlightened and inspired. 

Styling To Sell

Perception is everything. Styling your home makes it look better - think magazine cover better. Buyers choose properties based on photographs. If the perceived value of your home is more than the list price, you're more likely to get a quick offer. Fresh baked cookies don't sell houses, having us style your home does!

Styling To Stay

Is your furniture in the right place? We determine the best placement of each piece of furniture. Everything has a place where it really wants to be. Finding that place is the beginning of a beautiful thing. Having new furniture can also be fun.

Styling To Work

Imagine an office space that engages your team and channels their best performance. Atmosphere plays a big part and we can help you create an environment where your company can thrive. There's a psychology to furniture placement, but we'll tell you more about that later.

Styling Model Homes

We're selling a lifestyle. Styling a model home is the final touch to realizing your vision. You've taken the project this far, let us take it from here. Single family dwellings to luxury high-rise condominiums, everybody needs a place to call home.

Finding Furniture

Sometimes that perfect piece is all you need and we know where to find it. Shopping from local favorites and unexpected furniture sources, we'll find the piece that fits your budget and story. It's a treasure hunt and we have the map! 

Choosing Finishes

Wall color, flooring, hardware ... you get the idea. We can help you with all of these things - and even suggest a painter. Context is everything. It's really important that we choose finishes that dialog with your home's history and the things you love. Let's get this right so that you love it for a long time.

Before & Afters


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See videos of Jay Nuhring at work.


"Jay does amazing work! He turned our boring SW Minneapolis home into a beautiful space that is market ready. We will definitely use his expertise again when we close on our new home later this year. Thank you, Jay!"

- Sarah F.

"I was so impressed with the new look. Each and every room looked amazing. I never used the lower level family room. It ended up being my favorite. Thank you, Jay!"

- Kathryn K.

"Jay does some amazing work on his client's homes. Every single project I have seen of his is even more spectacular than the last. He truly is a talented designer and could be trusted with any project that comes his way."

- Mark R.