Interior Styling

It starts with a consultation. Each person and house has a unique story to tell. Let's get to know each other so that I can understand your style and the needs of the home. I will work with what you have to create your personal story and get your house to its fullest potential. As I highlight the best features in the room, decluttering and organization will help to showcase the beautiful items you own in your home.

Lived in: Whether you've just purchased a new home or don't feel quite settled in your current one, let me help you find the best way to make it work for you. Don't wait until it's time to sell, enjoy your home now! 

On the market: When it's time to sell, do not underestimate the power of styling a home to help potential buyers envision themselves in the home. Those that invest in styling their homes sell within 1-2 days of listing. It changes the perception and value of the home. If the room isn't arranged well, it's perceived to look smaller. It raises memory recall and furniture supports the best features in the room.

Model homes

Other services include floor plans, space planning


From the first time owners of the condo downtown to the empty nesters that need downsizing

Choosing Finishes

Wall color, flooring, and get the idea. I can help you with all of these things and more. Let's get this right so that you love it forever. Assessing the context and the needs for you and the space. I love to find solutions quickly and offer two or three amazing options that will perfectly fit into your style and your life. I got this...this is what we're going to do.