Really fast, really easy & really fabulous living room makeover.

Before - Living Room.  New homeowner painted the walls.  Refinished the hardwood floors.  Purchased a sofa, an oversized leather chair, and a big screen TV.  She did what she knew she could do - then stopped.

After - Living room. As a gift, the homeowner's mother surprised her with finishing the living room. I arrived at the house at 9:00 am. I quickly assessed the furniture arrangement and made mental notes of what the room needed. 9:40 am - arrived at Homegoods. 11:30 -arrived back at the house and unloaded our purchases. 1:00 - Done. 

This was a quick and budget friendly project.  Area rug - $399. Accent pillows - $16.99 - $24.99. Rustic wood coffee table/chest - $249. Artwork above the sofa was created by the homeowner and waiting for the perfect place to hang. The triptych is perfect in its new location and compliments the new color scheme. Really quick. Really Easy. Really Fabulous. 

Jay Nuhring